Hello Again


Hello! I have been away from this blog for simply agggeesss, but that is purely because I have been uber busy with work and also a delightful course learning about how to live without oil. Yup, you heard… “Learning to live without oil”. I know how to live!!

So anyway, I am back!

However, whilst I have been away, one thing has not changed…I am still an utter shopoholic!

I have just found a delightful website full of pretty dresses… bye bye money, hello floral prints!

This time of year is stunningly awkward isn’t it? One minute it is bright sunshine, so you get out your slightly translucent pins in the hope they might catch some sun, only to be drenched in the next second by a sudden raincloud.

I have taken to wearing pretty spring dresses with a huge awkward winter coat over them… that way, I can emerge like a butterfly at the mereist hint of sun, then hide under my coat when it inevitably pours down again.

Anyway, this is just a quick post until I am back with pictures of new purchases and a lot more time!


Toodle Pip!





Caviar nails & Glossy Box fake nails.

Good morning readers!

Now, I haven’t updated this in quite a while, mainly because I have been full of flu & have been curled up in my duvet surrounded by tissues and Disney films. However, I am now back to my usual cheery self and so it is time for me to actually work out what I haven’t shown you yet! So prepare for several random posts about things that have no connection but are mainly just “catching up”.

So, firstly the other day I decided I would get myself some acrylic nails, (I am a serial nail biter >.> <.<) and get decorating. However, living where I do (on the middle of a moor), this creates quite the problem as every nail bar in a 25 mile radius apparently doesn’t pick up their phone. However, I have now found a little place in a local village and am booked in for an appointment on the 5th November. As a serial nail biter, I hate people seeing my nails and tutting. So, wish me luck, eh?

Then luckily, my Glossy Box arrived and I had an alternative to use until then! Fake nails by imPRESS! Yay!

Now, these are supposedly simple, you make sure you get the right sizes for your nails and peel off the back and stick them on! “Fabulous!” However, as with all of these fake nails, if you are doing anything more strenuous than watching a film, they tend to ping off. So, not the thing to wear when you have to make dinner, feed a horse and then write a letter. Botheration. However, before the epic ping-off of October ’13, I did have fun with my nails!

IMG_0890I do love how natural these nails looked though. They were not only really easy to fit to my nails, as there were many options to choose from, but then they looked natural which is something that I definitely look for in fake nails! I cannot bear really square, chunky fake nails that look unnatural, I prefer subtle ones, that are rounded and much less in-your-face. If I want to make them shocking, then I shall paint them a bright colour, thank you very much!

Anyway, I decided that I would try out my Caviar nail effect on my own nails this time, or rather my own FAKE nails. I have to say, this is one of the funnest things to do! It sounds stupid but it is! It is very easy to do, you just have to coat your nails in a base colour, then pour the beads onto them, making sure there are not too many gaps, and bam! You have yourself some very posh looking nails! It is best to put a top coat on them as otherwise the beads tend to come off. The only downside is that some beads lose their colour after you putting a top coat on them, but I have found the ones I use from MUA don’t. So – there is a recommendation!

IMG_0900 The beads that I used are by MUA and can be found here linkity-linkity-link. I love this colour because it looks like the classic red nail polish but then as you look closer, it is so much cooler! Until the sneaky little nails pinged off, I got lots of nice comments from friends about them!

One thing that might combat the fact that these fake nails ping off, is just getting yourself some fake nail glue to keep handy. The little tubes of glue that are quite small and would easily fit in your handbag. This isn’t ideal to be honest, but is better than having to put up with nine fab looking nails and one mangled looking one!

Bring on the 5th of Nov, not only for the fireworks, but also so I can get my nails all prettied! YAY! I am getting more and more excited just thinking about it!

Anyway, from the home of a nail-biting crazed person ~ I big you adieu, until next time! xx

The every day Gothic Look

Good afternoon!

So, the other day I got a lovely message from Red Candy Mag asking me to create a Gothic look for them,

This is what I came up with!

version1Let me walk you through this look. So I had searched for inspiration on Google and had a look through other people’s ideas of “Gothic”. However, what comes to my mind is always quite a “vampy” look. So heavy eye makeup and lips but pale skin – dramatic but not in-your-face. So I decided to stick with red and black as a colour scheme.

I used a Mattifying Primer from MUA to begin with then used Dior Powder foundation. The Primer leaves your skin feeling very smooth and is definitely worth purchasing! It is a great base to put powder or foundation on, as it is all one type of surface it is being smoothed onto and gives you an even look. I would have usually used a blush, but I wanted to be as pale as possible to make the other colours “pop”. Next I used a mix of red and purple from my MUA palette (Poptastic) and blended that over my eyelids.I love this palette as the colours are very bright, and you don’t have to put on 10 layers to make the colours stand out. Fabulus range of colours too, yay for colour guys!

After that I used a liquid eyeliner pen (because if it isn’t a pen, I end up looking like a half dead panda!) and a blank eyeliner pencil to finish my eyes.

Then with my lips, I mixed up a dark colour using a Dior red liptick as a base (and something else I shall come to in a minute!) then came something that just popped into my mind. I had recently gotten some Rocks Red Diamond constellations from MUA (usually used on your nails). However, I decided to lightly dust them over my lips just to make for an interesting effect. This isn’t something you could wear out, but it was fun for the camera! A trick for every day girls? I didn’t have a dark enough lipstick, so I used a touch of very dark eye shadow and mixed it in with my normal red lipstick. (Think making potions!) This doesn’t make the most consistent colour, however it does mean that you can make far more shades with just one lipstick and if you want to wear it for one night, or just for some photos, it is a perfect way of creating a look! But shhhh! I didn’t tell you that.

betterversionThen for my hair, I just mussed it a little and let it do it’s own thing. (As usual, it went for a cross between Medusa and Hermione Granger having a bad hair day.)

And here was the final effect. Not the most obviously “Gothic” but something that you could wear out (apart from the beaded lips), and not just on Halloween! As much as I love hugely elaborate looks, they are hard to do unless you are a hugely talented make up artist (which I most certainly am not), and they are very time consuming. So this? Is gothic for the everyday girl.



Anyway, much love my friends, and hope you have a lovely time coming up to Halloween! Spooktactular makeup coming soon!